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✨ The What:

not sensible is a weekly newsletter that helps you make sense of web3, this nascent technology that’s all the rave right now. We’ll go in-depth into its core concepts with well-thought-out essays and witty illustrations.

✨ The Why:

There’s a huge gap in the understanding of web3 (crypto, NFTs, metaverse, blockchain and on and on). And rightfully so, it can be very confusing. Simply put, I’m here to help explain it.

✨ The How:

Enjoy your Sundays with a free and fully researched article on all things web3.

✨ The Who:

Hi, I’m Ojuolape: a medical doctor, writer and amateur cartoonist.

Quick story: a short while back, I picked up Satoshi Nakomoto’s whitepaper and I was sold on its idea. Since then, I decided to share what I’ve learnt so far about this fascinating and often confusing technology called web3.

Currently, I work as the Research Lead at Busha, one of Nigeria’s leading crypto exchange companies.

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