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This is nice, I was able to listen to this and keep doing my work rather than having to stare at the screen. This is a great innovation. On the topic, I think AI has brought a whole new game to intellectual property and copyright. I believe that anything from an AI generation shouldn't have a copyright, however, ingenuity can be circumvented if there is an added level of creativity either by correcting or editing the work from the AI and putting the effort to bring the originality.

P. S: I haven't received my gifts Doc, I got a call from delivery but they haven't gotten back to me. I live in the countryside in Ikare-Akoko, Ondo State, the delivery person could only reach Akure the state capital. Please I would love to get what am promised Lol. Thanks for all you do especially in this niche of which very few people are aware.

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Nice one. I also tried this chat gpt for some research school work. Referencing to an AI seemed odd to me. I would like to see more insights on this. Besides, the voice content is nice💯

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